Our paths crossed in the mid 1980’s while working in the Social Work Department at a psychiatric hospital in Summit, New Jersey. Our hospital work included treating adolescents and adults with the full range of psychiatric and addictive disorders. Gradually, we left our inpatient jobs and established ourselves in private practice. By 1996, we found each other again and decided to form our own professional group.

We found that although our methods of helping people heal are diverse, we share a common philosophy of treatment: to help people in pain find their strengths and resiliencies in recovery from their problem. These problems may be acute, chronic, short or long term, psychiatric disorders, or phase of life concerns. We are proud of the fact that we have helped hundreds of individuals over our careers. Our therapists average 25 years of professional experience. We work hard for our patients' full recovery and we see results.

Our group offers a range of specialized services in a very comfortable setting. These include comprehensive initial evaluation, individual, couples and family counseling, same sex couples counseling, trauma therapy (EMDR), hypnosis, cognitive behavioral therapy, and eating disorder assessment and treatment. We treat patients of all ages. Please visit "Meet Our Therapists" for specific information on each of us and our work. Being a part of the New Jersey mental health professional's community since 1980 has allowed us to form strong liaisons with so many professionals. We have a strong network of colleagues which may help if referrals are needed.



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